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About Us

Doctors of Rajasthan, International (DORI) This century has witnessed the urge and surge to address the healthcare systems World Wide. So is Rajasthan envisaging to the same under the leadership of Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri Ashok Gehlot. A man who pioneered Rajasthan Foundation that binds overseas non-resident Rajasthanis to the culture and roots of Rajasthan. In March 2021, a group of NRRs met and foresighted that how all global Rajasthani community can together make a huge impact on cultural, educational, economical, healthcare and social attributes of the state. From their originated a team of internationally recognized and acclaimed doctors who share the same vision of bringing back to Rajasthan. Thus, under the vision of Shri Dhiraj Srivastava, Commissioner, Rajasthan Foundation, Raj. Govt. a group of international doctors whose roots are from Rajasthan was formed.

Providing sustainable, equitable, effective and efficient health care services to the most vulnerable individuals and communities.

Our Vision

A Sustainable, Innovative and philanthropic organization benefitting the State of Rajasthan representing the Non-resident Rajasthani towards the development and enhancement of healthcare services.

Our Mission

DORI shall support in developing the needs and betterment of healthcare systems, services and best practices and enhancing the health culture, tradition and facilitate socio-economic, education & training, health & wellness, infra-structure, and bring charity & donations towards the development of Rajasthan State in healthcare.


Formalization of DORI as a foundation.DORI will be registered as an independent non-profit charity organization in Rajasthan and will sign MOU with Rajasthan Foundation to continue function as our bridge to Rajasthan and provide an umbrella contributing to the development of Medical, Healthcare, Pharma, and life sciences for our state. A self-sustaining model which doesn’t get affected by changing governments or exit of some doctors (including some of DORI Doctors). There should be sufficient incentive for government to keep supporting (Janta Clinic, UshaSilai School Program, and Cochlear Implant Program etc) hence doctors to join the mission.

International Medical Advisory Board ofRajasthan(IMABR) who would advise from time to time when needed to the government of Rajasthan and its leadership (CM, Health Minister, Health Secretary etc) regarding the health care issues in the state of Rajasthan. A panel of DORI doctors will participate this in board along with leading doctors of government medical colleges and private health systems of Rajasthan.

Our Inspiration

Sh Dhiraj Srivastava

Commissioner Rajasthan Foundation, Govt of Rajasthan

Healthcare is one key pillar to the development of any state towards sustainbility. So also the ratio of medical professionals to the dermographic census needs attention. That is where DORI comes into a very formative and innovate intiative.